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Apply to vote by mail

Canadian voter residing abroad

You said you are a Canadian voter residing abroad. Here's what you need to know:

If your application and supporting document(s) are in order, we will add your name to the International Register of Electors (the list of Canadian voters living outside Canada).

  • Your name will stay on the International Register of Electors as long as you remain eligible. You will not have to re-apply to vote by mail in each election.
  • In each election in which you are qualified to vote, we will automatically mail a special ballot voting kit to the mailing address you provided.
  • Please inform Elections Canada of any changes to your address or contact information so that you will always receive your special ballot voting kit.

Prepare to apply to vote by mail (for Canadians living abroad)

1. Make sure to have your last address before leaving Canada on hand

It determines your electoral district. You will vote for a candidate in the riding containing this address.

  • You must use a physical address. You cannot use a post office box or rural route, except in areas where no other physical address is available.
  • This address cannot be changed after your name is added to the International Register of Electors.

2. Choose the address where you want to receive your special ballot voting kit

Most people provide their home address.

If you prefer, you can use the address of a Canadian embassy or consulate as your mailing address, if you arrange it with them beforehand and give them your contact information.

3. Prepare your supporting document(s)

Attach an image of one of these identity documents:

  • Pages 2 and 3 of your Canadian passport,
  • Your Canadian citizenship certificate or card or
  • Your birth certificate, showing that you were born in Canada.

4. Decide how you want to apply

  • Applying online is fastest.
  • To apply online, you need digital image(s) of your proof of identity
    • Images can be scans or digital photos
    • Size: each file must be under 2.5 MB
    • Format: PDF or any image file type (JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG, etc.)