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Voting at an Elections Canada office

federal election


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Voting at an Elections Canada office is different than voting on election day or advance polling days. Here, you will vote using the special ballot process.

  1. An election worker will greet you at the counter and ask for proof of identity and address.
  2. The election worker will add, update or confirm your information and ask you to verify it on the computer screen.
  3. You will be given a ballot and instructions. Ask for the list of candidates for your riding if you need it.
  1. Go behind the voting screen, mark your ballot and return to the election worker.
  2. The election worker will give you two envelopes. First, put the ballot in the unmarked inner envelope and seal it. Then, put that envelope in the outer envelope and seal it.
  3. Read the declaration on this outer envelope and sign it.
  1. Put your envelope in the ballot box.

Keeping your vote secret

When it's time to count the ballots, the election worker will remove all the unmarked inner envelopes from their signed outer envelopes. The election worker will then return only the unmarked inner envelopes to the ballot box and mix them up. This way, no envelope can be traced back to the voter and your vote remains secret.