Federal Election Monday, September 20

Accessible polling stations

We work hard to remove the barriers that Canadians with disabilities face when they go to vote. That’s why we make every effort to choose accessible polling stations.

We search for polling stations that are familiar, accessible and close to where you live. We visit over 30,000 possible locations to pick the best ones for all Canadian electors.

Almost all of our polling stations are accessible. This means they meet at least 15 mandatory accessibility criteria, which include:

  • Level access to the entrance
  • Voting room located on the same level as the entrance
  • Doors that can be easily opened (i.e. are not heavy or have automatic openers)
  • Interior corridors free of obstacles
  • Wide exterior pathways with firm surfaces that are free of obstacles
  • Good interior and exterior lighting

Whenever possible, we pick polling stations that are wheelchair accessible and have automatic door openers. If we can’t find an acceptable site with an automatic door opener, an election worker will be assigned to provide assistance at the entrance of the polling station.

For more information on how we choose polling stations, please refer to our Accessibility Policy and Service Offering.

How accessible is your polling station?

To find out how accessible your assigned polling station is, call us at 1-800-463-6868 or 1-800-361-8935 (TTY).

Feedback on your polling station

Your feedback is important. After you go to vote, please let us know what you thought of the accessibility of your polling station.

You'll be able to fill out a feedback form online or in person at your polling station when you vote. You can also give feedback to an election worker at your polling station, if that is more convenient.