Federal Election Monday, September 20

Who is eligible to work as a poll worker

Who can work

  • you must be a Canadian citizen
  • you must be at least 16 years old on election day
  • to be employed by Elections Canada, you must agree to refrain from any partisan political activity during the term of your employment.

Who cannot work

  • federal ministers and members of provincial executive councils;
  • senators;
  • sitting members of the House of Commons or of provincial or territorial legislative bodies;
  • certain judges;
  • people who were candidates in the last general election or in a by-election held since the last general election;
  • people who have served in Parliament in the session immediately before the election or in the session in progress at the time of the election;
  • anyone found guilty of an offence under an electoral law relating to federal, provincial, municipal or school board elections or the Referendum Act in the previous seven years (subsections 22(3), 22(4) and 22(5) of the CEA).

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