Federal Election
Monday, October 21

Banners for your website

We invite you to use the promotional icons below on your website to link to the Elections Canada website.

Terms of use

  • You are hereby granted a limited licence to reproduce and display the promotional icons on your website to link to Elections Canada's website to inform the public about the current general election;
  • The rights granted herein are for a limited term ending Fall 2019;
  • You must reproduce the promotional icons in the format and in the color displayed herein and you may not modify, alter or adapt the promotional icons or any part of them;
  • You will acquire no right or interest in the promotional icons or the copyright therein, except for the limited licence granted herein; and
  • You must indicate to the public that the reproduction is a copy of promotional icons that are published by Elections Canada and that the reproduction has not been produced in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of Elections Canada.