Federal Election
Monday, October 21

Special Ballot

The deadline to apply to vote by special ballot was Tuesday, October 15. If you applied to vote by special ballot in this election, be sure to return your marked ballot to us by election day, Monday, October 21, 6:00 p.m., Eastern time.

Voting by special ballot is different than voting on election day or at advance polls. You will vote using the special ballot process when you vote:

How It Works

When you vote by special ballot, your ballot won't have a list of candidates to choose from. Instead, there is a blank space for you to write the name of the candidate you're voting for.

Here's how it works.

  1. Choose a candidate running for election in your riding.

    To find the names of confirmed candidates, check online or call us. If you are voting in an Elections Canada office, ask an election worker for the complete list of confirmed candidates in your riding. If you live abroad, you can also ask any Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate for the list.

  2. Once you have your special ballot, write the first and last name of your chosen candidate on the ballot. If you write only the name of a political party, your vote won't be counted.
  3. Place your completed special ballot in the unmarked envelope we provided and seal it. Then place the unmarked envelope into the envelope with your information on it, seal it, then sign and date the declaration on the outer envelope.
  4. You may then drop your envelope in a ballot box or, if you're voting by mail, follow the instructions you received with your voting kit and return your ballot to us using the pre-addressed return envelope we provided. Make sure to return your marked ballot to us by election day at 6:00 p.m., Eastern time.

When it's time to count the ballots, the election worker will remove all the unmarked inner envelopes from their signed outer envelopes. The election worker will then return only the unmarked inner envelopes to the ballot box and mix them up. This way, no envelope can be traced back to the voter; this ensures the secrecy of the vote.