Set Up the Polling Place

A floor plan of a polling place that includes 3 voting stations. At the back of the room, on the left and right are 2 voting stations. In front of those stations on the left is registration table, and on the right, another voting station. The voting stations have the DRO and PC seated behind the main table, with another smaller table with a voting screen behind them. Three chairs are lined up perpindicular to the main table for candidate's representatives to sit at, allowing voters to line up parallel to them, in front of the table. The registration desk is set up similarly, though though it does not have a voting desk with screen, and has seats for 2 Registration Officers behind the main table. At the very front of the room is an Accessibility Feedback Station, and a table in front of the entrance, with an IO in front of it to greet voters, and a CPS sat behind the table.