What should be on my desk to serve electors

A table top image of what a voting station would look like, with all necessary documents for the DRO and PC organized on it. On the left side of the table, the supplies for the DRO. At the front of the table (furthest from the DRO) is the ballot box, the double sided "Have your ID Ready to Vote" handout and the "Privacy Notice for Voting Services Certificates and Forms" page. Closer to the DRO is the Office Documents Bag, an envelope for spoiled ballots, an envelope for the Yellow Copy of the Record of Electors, a book of ballots, blue pen, and finally, a plastic bag is taped to the back of the table for the ripped up stubs. Between the left and right side of the table is an open guidebook for the DRO and PC to share for reference. On the right of the table are the supplies for the PC. At the front of the table (furthest from the PC) is the bilingual tent card, a large format list of candidates, the Welcome to your Polling Place sheet, Sequence Number Sheet, the Events Log, a Revised List of Electors, a record of Electors, and a pile of forms and certificates including the Qualification form, Helper form, Vouching form, Correction form, Voting Status Certificate and Registration Certificate. The PC also has a blue pen, and wooden ruler.