Statement of he vote

This page contains an image of a sample statement of the vote. It is prefilled with example information. The information is as follows:

In box B Valid votes cast, Sum of all numbers in A

In box C Rejected ballots, copy from envelope: rejected ballots EC 50440 .

In box D Total votes cast B + C Total- Voted on the list - Copy Total from line 3 of Last Page of the List

In box E Total Spoiled ballots, Copy from Envelope: Spoiled Ballots EC 50430 for advance polls, add all 4 envelopes

In box F Unused ballots, Copy from Envelope: Stubs and Unused Ballots EC 50420

In box G D+E+F Total, These values should be identical Total ballots supplied - If you have more than one Record of Ballots, add Total number of ballots from each sheet together

Witness signatures - Sign