What should be on my desk to serve electors?

A large polling station table where the DRO and PC sit.

On it are all the documents and envelopes required to serve electors.

From left to right is the ballot box, Office Documents Bag, Envelope: Spoiled Ballots, a small plastic baggy for stubs, a blue pen and Book of Ballots.

Now in front of the DRO, Have your ID ready to vote, and the Privacy Notice for Voting Services, facing outwards.

In front of the PC, Welcome to your polling place and large print list of electors facing outwards, bilingual tent card, but only if you are bilingual, the Envelope: Sequence Number Sheet, the Sequence number sheet itself, and the Official List of Electors.

And to the right of the PC is the Events Log, the ruler and another blue pen, and an organized arrangement of forms, which should be Qualification forms, Helper forms, Vouching forms, Correction forms, Voting status certificates, and Registration certificates.