Annex B – Polling Station Process Flow – Ordinary Poll

Annex B is a process flowchart that visually describes the full range of possible scenarios that poll workers may face on polling day when taking into account the elector's circumstances, and sets out what actions poll workers need to take to assist each elector.

The flowchart is part of the information given to poll officials in their instruction manual. It is included in this report to demonstrate the high level of complexity poll workers face when aiming to understand how to deal with the range of exception scenarios that may arise on polling day.

The flowchart steps through a series of questions that the poll worker would ask the elector when deciding what to do, for example, "Did you get your Voter Information Card?" Various paths stem from the possible answers to those questions, for example "Yes, I received my card" or "I'm unsure whether I received my card". After working through all the questions required to determine what sort of scenario they face, the path leads the poll worker to information about what actions to take and which staff member is required to take those actions, for example "Registration Officer Completes Registration Certificate".

The flowchart contains 25 different 'checkpoints' at which a decision may be required and 27 different actions, any of which may be required, depending on the circumstances. The flowchart groups activities together by role and shows that complexity is greatest for the Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk roles.