Return of the Writ

This is a sample return of the writ, which the returning officer completes and sends to the Chief Electoral Officer. It gives the name, political affiliation and address of the candidate who received the largest number of votes and has been duly elected, or who has been duly elected by acclamation. If the election resulted in an equality of votes between the candidates with the largest number of votes, the returning officer ticks a box to indicate this result. Both the returning officer and Chief Electoral Officer must sign and date the form.

The return of the writ appears on the back of the election writ. This is a formal document issued by the Chief Electoral Officer that commands the named returning officer to hold an election in the named electoral district. It specifies the following dates: November 16 for the return of Parliament, September 28 for the close of candidate nominations, October 19 for election day, and November 9 as the last day to return the writ.