june 19, 2023, by-elections

Official Voting Results

Distribution of valid votes by voting method
Province or territory Voting at ordinary polling stations Voting at advance polling stations Voting under Special Voting Rules Total valid votes
Stationary Mobile
Quebec 13,221 334 7,619 552 21,726
Ontario 26,357 433 11,178 912 38,880
Manitoba 37,409 1,183 17,172 1,149 56,913
Totals 76,987 1,950 35,969 2,613 117,519


Ordinary polling stations are those open on polling day. They can be stationary (in a given location) or mobile. The advance polls are open on the 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th days before polling day. For the June 19, 2023, by-elections, long-term care and retirement facilities and other care homes were served as single stand-alone polls before or on election day. They are reported under the term “mobile poll” which was previously used to indicate the same facilities grouped together. In some facilities, electors voted using Special Voting Rules where it was not feasible to hold a poll during the pandemic.