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Electoral Districts

Electoral districts, also referred to as ridings, are the building blocks of Canada's federal electoral map. They are the geographical areas represented by a member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons.

More on electoral districts

During a federal general election, each electoral district has its own election. When Canadians vote in a federal election, they vote for the candidate seeking to be elected as the MP to represent the people in their electoral district.

A returning officer, appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer, is responsible for delivering the election in their electoral district. During an election, returning officers open a local office in their riding and hire workers to help them deliver the election. Returning officers are also supported by staff at Elections Canada headquarters and field liaison officers in their regions.

Canada's Federal Electoral Districts

  • List of current electoral districts, by province
  • Information on electoral district name changes
  • Downloadable CSV file

Maps Corner

  • PDF and JPG maps by province, electoral district and city
  • Map of Canada
  • Maps of election results
  • Polling division and electoral district maps in vector format

Redistribution of Federal Electoral Districts 2022

  • Information on the redistribution process
  • Details on the future electoral district boundaries
  • Timeline for the new boundaries

Seats in the House of Commons

  • Distribution of seats by political party
  • List of vacant seats over time

Returning Officers

  • List of returning officers by electoral district
  • List of returning officers by appointment date

Field Liaison Officers

  • List of field liaison officers, their region and appointment date

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