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Elections Canada's 100th Anniversary

Transcript of video


Visual: A black and white video shows a close-up of a brick wall with a sign that reads "Chief Electoral Officer."

Visual: Black screen with white text

Super: Elections Canada has been supporting our democracy since 1920.


Visual: Black screen fades to black and white video of a young man outdoors checking a list on a piece of paper hung on a tree. He then moves to read a sign that says "Voter" and below it, one that reads "Notice of sitting."

Visual: Video of women working at typewriters in an office setting.

Visual: Close-up of women typing in an office.

Visual: A woman and a man walk down a small set of stairs. They are greeted by two men and a woman working at a desk.

Visual: A woman stands holding a bible for a seated woman taking an oath.

Visual: A person marks an "X" on a ballot.

Visual: A man places a folded ballot into a ballot box while a man and woman watch. As the man taps the ballot into the box, they walk away from him.


Visual: Close-up shot of a person unlocking a ballot box.

Visual: Three men unload ballot boxes.

Visual: Ballot boxes are placed on the floor.

Visual: The camera pans over a row of envelopes.

Visual: The screen flashes white and reveals a full colour video (modern day). A woman enters a polling station. There is a yellow "Vote" sign on the door.

Visual: Inside a polling station, a man is given a ballot by a poll worker.

Visual: A shot of two poll workers working next to a ballot box with electors walking in the background.

Visual: A cheerful poll worker checks ID and flips through a list of electors.

Visual: A woman exits a polling station and claps in excitement.

Visual: A man, a woman and a young child pose with a yellow "Vote" sign outside.

Visual: A young woman puts her ballot in a ballot box in front of two poll workers.

Visual: A man with a nametag around his neck holding a clipboard gives instructions to a group around him.

Visual: Close-up of an older man laughing.

Visual: Close-up of woman smiling under an umbrella.

Visual: Close-up of a man laughing outside a polling station.

Visual: Close-up of a woman smiling inside a polling station.

Visual: Close-up of three women with their arms around one another smiling.

Visual: Black screen with white text.


Super: And we continue to be there for Canadians and their right to vote.

Visual: Black screen with Elections Canada logo and text.

Super: 100 years -


One hundred years of supporting democracy

Elections Canada turned 100 years old in 2020. Parliament created one of the world's first independent electoral agencies on July 1, 1920. Reflect on this milestone in Canadian democracy by learning more about our story.

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