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Supplemental Conditions, Elections Canada to Own Intellectual Property Rights (OCEO-SC-001)

Article 1 – Interpretation

Section 1.01 – Definition

  • 1.01.01

    In the Contract, unless the context otherwise requires:

    "Background Information" means all Intellectual Property that is not Foreground Information that is incorporated into the Work or necessary for the performance of the Work, regardless of whether it is owned by the Contractor or a third party;

    "Firmware" means computer programs that are stored in integrated circuits, read-only memory or other similar devices within the hardware or other equipment;

    "Foreground Information" means all Intellectual Property first conceived, developed, produced or reduced to practice as part of the Work under the Contract;

    "General Conditions" means the general conditions that form part of the Contract;

    "Intellectual Property" means any information or knowledge of an industrial, scientific, technical, commercial, literary, dramatic, artistic or otherwise creative nature relating to the Work, whether oral or recorded in any form or medium and whether or not subject to copyright; this includes but is not limited to any inventions, designs, methods, processes, techniques, know-how, show-how, models, prototypes, patterns, samples, schematics, experimental or test data, reports, drawings, plans, specifications, photographs, manuals and any other documents, Software, and Firmware;

    "Intellectual Property Right" means any intellectual property right recognized by law, including any intellectual property right protected by legislation such as patents, copyright, industrial design, integrated circuit topography, and plant breeders' rights, or subject to protection under the law as trade secrets and confidential information.

    "Software" means any computer program whether in source or object code (including Firmware), any computer program documentation recorded in any form or upon any medium, and any computer database, including any modification.

  • 1.01.02

    Words and expressions defined in the General Conditions and used in these supplemental conditions have the meanings given to them in the General Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between the General Conditions and these supplemental conditions, the applicable provisions of these supplemental conditions will prevail.

  • 1.01.03

    If Supplemental Conditions – Hardware Purchase, Lease and Maintenance and Supplemental Conditions – Licensed Software are also incorporated in the Contract, the provisions of those supplemental conditions concerning the ownership of Intellectual Property will prevail in relation to the subject matter of those supplemental conditions.

Article 2 – Record and Disclosure of Foreground Information

  • 2.01.01

    During and after the performance of the Contract, the Contractor must keep detailed records of the Foreground Information, including details of its creation. The Contractor must report and fully disclose to Elections Canada all Foreground Information as required by the Contract. If the Contract does not specifically state when and how the Contractor must do so, the Contractor must provide this information if requested by the Contracting Authority, whether before or after the completion of the Contract.

  • 2.01.02

    Before and after final payment to the Contractor, the Contractor must provide Elections Canada with access to all records and supporting data that Elections Canada considers pertinent to the identification of Foreground Information.

  • 2.01.03

    For any Intellectual Property that was developed or created in relation to the Work, Elections Canada will be entitled to assume that it was developed or created by Elections Canada, if the Contractor's records do not list that Intellectual Property or do not indicate that it was created by the Contractor, or by someone on behalf of the Contractor, other than Elections Canada.

Article 3 – Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights in Foreground Information

  • 3.01.01

    All Intellectual Property Rights in the Foreground Information belong to the Elections Canada as soon as they come into existence. The Contractor has no right in or to any such Intellectual Property Rights in the Foreground Information, except any right that may be granted in writing by Elections Canada.

  • 3.01.02

    The Contractor must incorporate the copyright symbol and one of the following notices as appropriate into all Foreground Information that is subject to copyright regardless of the form or medium upon which it is recorded: © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada (year), or © Sa Majesté la Reine du Chef du Canada (année).

  • 3.01.03

    The Contractor must execute any documents relating to the Intellectual Property Rights in the Foreground as Elections Canada may require. The Contractor must, at Elections Canada's expense, provide Elections Canada all reasonable assistance in the preparation of applications and in the prosecution of any applications for registration of any Intellectual Property Rights in any jurisdiction, including the assistance of the inventor in the case on inventions.

Article 4 – License to Intellectual Property Rights in Background Information

  • 4.01.01

    The Contractor grants to Elections Canada a license to use the Background Information to the extent that it is reasonably necessary for Elections Canada to exercise fully all its rights in the deliverables and in the Foreground Information. This license is non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, fully-paid and royalty-free. The license cannot be restricted in any way by the Contractor providing any form of notice to the contrary, including the wording on any shrink-wrapped license attached to any deliverable.

  • 4.01.02

    For greater certainty, Elections Canada's license in the Background Information includes, but is not limited to:

    1. the right to disclose the Background Information to third parties bidding on or negotiating contracts with Elections Canada and to sublicense or otherwise authorize the use of that information by any contractor engaged by Elections Canada solely for the purpose of carrying out such contracts. Elections Canada will require these third parties and contractors not to use or disclose that information except as may be necessary to bid, negotiate or carry out those contracts;
    2. the right to disclose the Background Information to other governments for information purposes;
    3. the right reproduce, modify, improve, develop or translate the Foreground Information and Background Information or have it done by a person hired by Elections Canada. Elections Canada, or a person designated by Elections Canada, will own the Intellectual Property Rights associated with reproduction, modification, improvement, development or translation.
    4. without restricting the scope of any license or other right in the Background Information that Elections Canada may otherwise hold in relation to any custom-designed or custom-manufactured part of the Work, the right to use and disclose to a contractor engaged by Elections Canada the Background Information as the following purposes:
      1. For the use, operation, maintenance, repair or overhaul of the custom-designed or custom-manufactured parts of the Work;
      2. In the manufacturing of spare parts for maintenance, repair or overhaul of any custom-designed or custom-manufactured part of the Work by Elections Canada if those parts are not available on reasonable commercial terms to enable timely maintenance, repair or overhaul.
  • 4.01.03

    The Contractor agrees to make the Background Information, including in the case of Software, the source code, promptly available to Elections Canada for any purpose mentioned above. The license does not apply to any Software that is subject to detailed license conditions that are set out elsewhere in the Contract. Furthermore, in the case of commercial off-the-shelf software, the Contractor's obligation to make the source code promptly available to Elections Canada applies only to source code that is within the control of or can be obtained by the Contractor or any subcontractor.

Article 5 – Contractor's Right to Grant Licence


The Contractor represents and warrants that it has the right to grant to Elections Canada the license and any other rights to use the Background Information. If the Intellectual Property Rights in any Background Information are owned by a subcontractor or any other third party, the Contractor must have a license from that subcontractor or third party that permits compliance with Article 4 or arrange, without delay, for the subcontractor or third party to grant promptly the required license directly to Elections Canada.

Article 6 – Waiver of Moral Rights


If requested by Elections Canada, during and after the Contract, the Contractor must provide a written permanent waiver of moral rights, as defined in the Copyright Act, R.S., 1985, c. C-42, from every author that contributes to any Foreground Information subject to copyright protection that is a deliverable to Elections Canada under the Contract. If the Contractor is an author of the Foreground Information, the Contractor permanently waives the Contractor's moral rights in that Foreground Information.