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2018–19 Departmental Results Report


Footnote i Report on the 2018 By-elections

Footnote ii Elections Modernization Act

Footnote iii Elections and Democracy

Footnote iv Social media site

Footnote v Elections Modernization Act

Footnote vi Elections Modernization Act

Footnote vii Notice in Canada Gazette

Footnote viii Elections Modernization Act

Footnote ix An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (political financing)

Footnote x Canada Elections Act

Footnote xi Public Account of Canada

Footnote xii GC InfoBase

Footnote xiii 2018-19 Departmental Results Report

Footnote xiv Elections Modernization Act

Footnote xv An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (political financing)

Footnote xvi Canada Elections Act

Footnote xvii Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act

Footnote xviii Referendum Act

Footnote xix Raison d'Ítre, mandate and role

Footnote xx Operating Context and Key Risks

Footnote xxi New Legislation

Footnote xxii Judicial Proceedings

Footnote xxiii Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Footnote xxiv Gender-based analysis plus (GBA+)

Footnote xxv Internal Audits

Footnote xxvi Response to Parliamentary Committees and External Audits

Footnote xxvii Report on Federal Tax Expenditures