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Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk Guidebook – Ordinary Poll

Set up your station (for both deputy returning officers and poll clerks)

  1. Arrive at polling place at the time written at the front of this guidebook
  2. Report to CPS who will direct you to your table
    Note: candidates' representatives may arrive during set–up. Check their badge
  3. If your table has not already been set up, set it up yourself.
    Make sure there is enough space for people with reduced mobility
  4. Set up voting screen and sharp pencils on designated table behind you, away from windows and doors
  5. Make a waiting line on floor with masking tape, 1 metre away from the front of your table
  6. Check list of supplies. Tell CPS if anything is missing
  7. Organize supplies on your table
  8. Prepare to serve electors
Image of how seats, tables and voting screen should be placed at your station