Important notices

Preliminary results

Preliminary results are unofficial results based on the statements of the vote prepared for each polling station under section 287 of the Canada Elections Act. The statements of the vote are prepared by deputy returning officers and transmitted by telephone on election night to returning officers. Each returning officer must validate these results, based on the written statement of each deputy returning officer, within seven days of election day. Six days after the validation of results, or as soon as possible after the completion of a judicial recount, the returning officer must declare elected the candidate who obtained the largest number of votes by signing and returning the writ to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Voter turnout

Voter turnout is calculated by dividing the number of valid votes by the number of electors registered to vote. Please note that the number of registered electors shown in this table does not include electors who registered on election day.

Rejected ballots

Any ballot that has not been marked or has been incorrectly marked by the elector is not counted. Statistics on rejected ballots will be available only after the validated election results are released.

Spoiled ballots

A ballot that has not been deposited in the ballot box, has been found by the deputy returning officer to be soiled or improperly printed, or that has been handed back to the deputy returning officer by an elector and exchanged for another ballot.

Polls reporting

The number of polling stations that have closed and have reported preliminary results.

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